Yangtze IDEI (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute” or “Yangtze Industrial Economic Think Tank”) is one of the first critical high-end think tanks within the Jiangsu Province and is a National High-End Think Tank Construction and Cultivation Unit. Through concentrating on the disciplinary platform of Economics, Management, and other pertinent subjects taught at Nanjing University, the Institute optimizes the combination of subject and expert resources derived from domestic and overseas universities & colleges, as well as scientific research institutes, provides in-depth research and explores the circumstances, trends and policies of China’s real economy. This is undertaken in the context of the highly opened and developed real economy of Chinese coastal areas, and encapsulates Chinese experience to realize the “two centenary” goals, and the Institute also explores the road to the development of a socialist economy with Chinese characteristics.


      Led by Professors Hong Yinxing and Liu Zhibiao, the Institute has collected more than ten individuals of talent core research team. They focus on six directions, namely economic operation in the nation, industrial economy, financial development, China’s macro-economy, open economy and enterprise development strategy, and produce research on think tanks by adhering to the concepts of “passion, professionalism, and rationality.” With the growth of China’s industrial economy as the mainline, the Institute has obtained representative research achievements, for example, the Yangtze Industrial Economic Decision Consulting Report, the Discussion on the Hot Spots in the Industrial Economy of China, the Report on China's Economic Kinetic Energy Index, etc. Within these examples of research, multiple achievements have obtained affirmative instructions from central leaders and the prime leaders of Jiangsu Province, and also generated wide-ranging influence in each field of society.


      Within the construction process of the National High-End Think Tank, the Institute demonstrates the era's characteristics and strengthens awareness of the mission according to the standards and requirements of the CPC Central Commission, which has Xi Jinping as a key component, in the construction of the new think tank with Chinese characteristics. By relying on the advantage of the gathering of talents in economic management from Nanjing University, and through the continuous innovation of systems and mechanisms, the Institute puts great effort into creating an organic joint system, involving the interaction of intelligent government, intelligent enterprises, intelligent universities, and intelligent media, and building the “small core + big periphery” industrial-economic think tank research echelon. It also cultivates a professional operation team, and comprehensively caters to the comprehensive scenario of the construction of a socialist economy with Chinese characteristics. It strives to build the Yangtze Industrial Economic Think Tank into a professional think tank that is both top-ranking domestically and wields substantial influence internationally through 5 to 10 years of effort.


      People from all walks of life are welcome to join Yangtze Industrial Economic Think Tank in a variety of roles!