Liu Zhibiao
Liu Zhibiao is the director and chairman of the Yangtze IDEI of Nanjing University and the chief expert in industrial economic research. He was born in 1959, in Danyang, Jiangsu. He now serves as a professor of economics and doctoral supervisor at Nanjing University. He is a member of the Economics Department of the Social Science Committee at the Ministry of Education.
He currently serves as a member of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, is a member of the 12th Jiangsu Commission of Discipline Inspection, editor-in-chief of the Nanjing Business Review journal, and editorial board member of several journals, including the Journal of Nanjing University. He serves concurrently as a member of the Market Supervision Expert Committee of State Administration for Industry and Commerce and a member of the GVC Expert Committee of the Ministry of Commerce. He has published over 40 academic works and around 500 academic papers in both Chinese and English. His works have won more than ten academic awards from provincial and ministerial government departments. Simultaneously, he has actively given advice and suggestions regarding China's economic development. His consulting reports have been approved by central and provincial leaders over 20 times. He is predominantly engaged in research related to the industrial economy, regional economy and the global value chain. He served as the Dean of the School of Business of Nanjing University, secretary of the Party Committee, and director of the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences. He is also the president and deputy secretary of the Nanjing University of Finance and Economics.
Academic honor:
First group of Trans-Century Young and Middle-Aged Academic Backbones of Nanjing University (1992); first group of selected candidates for the Trans-Century Training Programme for the Talents by the Ministry of Education (1997); first group of national candidates for the New Century Talent Project by seven ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Personnel (2004); first group of liberal arts Cheung Kong Scholars and distinguished professors by the Ministry of Education (Economics, 2005); first level 333 talents and chief young and middle-aged scientists of Jiangsu (2007); social science master of Jiangsu (2015).
Publishing monograph(Part of the work)

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Published papers(Some papers)

Part I China's Economic Reform and Development

1. The Model of Economic Internationalization and the Strategic Choice of Chinese Enterprises' Internationalization

2. Capital Sources of China's Industrialization Under the Pursuing Strategy: Influence and Reform Orientation

3. Microeconomic Analysis of the Mystery of China's Trade Growth: 1978-2007

4. Imbalance in China's Economic Structure and Reshaping of Development Momentum in the Period of Asset Shortage

5. Compatibility of Public Ownership and Market Economic System

6. The ''Belt and Road'' is a New Concept of Opening Up

7. Transition of Industrial Policy Functions in the New Normal of Economic Development

Part 2 Economic Globalization and China's Industrial Development

1. On User Monopoly

2. On the Entry of Entrepreneurial Employees and Competition Policy 

3. Competitive Advantages Based on Intangible Resources

4. Study on the Case of the Formation and Development of the Nanjing Air Conditioning Market

5. Vertical Specialization: Trade and Production Models in Economic Globalization

6. Trade Integration and Production Non-Integration: Empirical Research Based on Two Important Hypotheses of Economic Globalization

7. Formation, Breakthroughs and Countermeasures of Capture Networks in Developing Countries in the Global OEM System

8. Standardize Market and Improve Macro-Management: Following the Principles of Industrial Activities

9. Intra-industry Trade: Motivation, Formation and the Current Situation in China

10. Restructure the National Value Chain: Reflection on Changing the Development Mode of China's Manufacturing Industry

11. Economic Globalization Based on Domestic Demand: China's Strategic Choice to Share the Second Dividends of Globalization

Part III: Service Economy

1. Analysis of the Development of Modernized Service Industry from the Perspective of the Lack of Government Public Functions

2. On Modernized Economic Growth Led by the Productive Service Industry

3. Promote the Service Industry to the Modernized Development Track

4. Characteristics and Determinants of Modernized Service Industry - Interview with Professor Liu Zhibiao of Nanjing University

5. On the Basic Law of the Development of the Modernized Producer Service Industry

6. Develop the Modernized Producer Service Industry and Adjust and Optimize the Manufacturing Industry Structure

Part IV Research on the Development of the Yangtze River Delta1. Institutiona

l Design for Yangtze River Delta Regional Cooperation to Build an International Manufacturing Center

2. Empirical Analysis of the Determinants for China's Local Manufacturing Enterprises' Exports

3. Analysis of the Occurrence Mechanism of the Export Miracles in China's Coastal Areas

4. Development of the Manufacturing Industry in China's Coastal Areas: International OEM Models and Innovation

5. Reflection of Regional Integrated Development - On the Policies and Measures to Promote Integrated Development in the Yangtze River Delta