Fan Conglai
Chief expert of financial development research at the Yangtze IDEI of Nanjing University assistant president doctoral supervisor and professor at Nanjing University.
   He currently serves as an expert for the Discipline Evaluation Group of the National Social Science Found of China, a member of the Discipline Evaluation Group of Theoretical Economics of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, distinguished professor of the Cheung Kong Scholars of the Ministry of Education (2006), leader of the innovation team at the Ministry of Education, vice president of the Research Association for China's Economic Development. He is editorial board member of the Economic Research Journal, Financial Research Journal and Review on Political Economy. He won the ''National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award'' at the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the 10th Sun Yefang Economic Science Dissertation Award, the National Teaching Master Award, and the Special Award for Outstanding Teachers of Baosteel Education Foundation.
   Research Direction:
Monetary economicsCorporate finance
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