Liu Zhibiao: Develop the New Quality Productivity to Inject New Vitality into the World Economy

Release time:2024-04-16Author: Liu Zhibiao

President Xi pointed out that the new quality productivity plays a leading role in innovation, breaking away from the traditional ways of economic growth and development paths of productivity. The new quality productivity possesses advanced connotation characterized by high technology, high efficiency, and high quality, which is in line with the new development concept.

Accelerating the development of new quality productivity in our country mainly has the following four meanings.

1. Increase the domestic demand for global goods, services, capital, and personnel, provide more development opportunities and space for the world economy, and promote the balanced and inclusive growth of the global economy.

2. China will become an important link in the global innovation chain, and share the innovation chain advantages with developed countries, thereby enhancing new momentum for global economic development. 

3. Promote more enterprises to go global and seek international cooperation, so as to help developing countries accelerate their development, reflecting China's great power responsibility.

4. China will adhere to green and low-carbon development, and promote global sustainable development.

In summary, accelerating the development of new quality productivity is not only a need for China's own development, but also an important way to promote the sustained and healthy development of global economy. China will continue to uphold the concept of openness, cooperation, and win-win, and promote global economic prosperity and development with countries around the world.