Wu Yuenong: Explore the New Quality Productivity in the Development of Private Economy (Part 1)

Release time:2024-04-05Author: Wu Yuenong

Innovating and becoming the leading enterprises, promoting the spirits of scientists and entrepreneurs, and leading the globalization are important inspirations for us from the development of new quality productivity in the private economy.

Technological innovation must be a continuous dual-investment and dual-enhancement of both intelligence and financial resources. It has a large investment, a long cycle, and high risk. We should encourage and support private enterprises to dare to innovate and innovate more, so as to accelerate the development of new quality productivity.

The dual identity of scientists and entrepreneurs, as well as the dual driving force of technological innovation and institutional innovation, can not only simplify the identity constraints of scientists and researchers in cross-border and achievement transformation, but also stimulate their entrepreneurial spirits, enabling them to transform into entrepreneurs and enterprise personnel, so as to form an effective transformation of intellectual investment and new quality productivity. We need to strengthen the reform of systematic deployment and integrated support, continuously cultivate the first-class innovation system, enable more scientists and researchers to become entrepreneurs at the same time, and allow the source of innovation to flow fully.

The new quality productivity of private economy promotes the efficient combination of production factors. It promotes the upgrading of traditional industries, the growth of emerging industries, and the cultivation of future industries, leading the global industrial and supply chains, and forming a strong attraction for global factor resources. It also enables the development of the Belt and Road, leads the new globalization, unblocks the dual circulation, and improves China's core competitiveness in the fierce international competition.