Lv Yue: Analysis and Response to the Current Situation of Industrial Chain Security in China

Release time:2024-04-07Author: Lv Yue

This article first introduces the new characteristics of the current global value chain and industrial chain restructuring. The first is the trend of localization and regionalization. The second is the diversification feature, which is the policy adjustment that enterprises have been most concerned about in recent years. The third is the trend towards greening. The fourth is the trend of digitalization, and the use of digital platforms is showing a sustained growth trend.

From the perspective of investment and trade, the pandemic has had a significant impact on global investment. Developing countries have gradually replaced developed countries as the main destinations for global investment. Currently, the United States and China are the two major global investment centers, and China's tertiary industry has replaced the secondary industry, becoming the main destination for global foreign investment. Among them, the high-tech industry attracts the most foreign investment. This article believes that large-scale industrial transfer is unlikely to occur in the short term, but we should still view the reconstruction and adjustment of the industrial chain objectively.

Finally, this article proposes some thoughts.

1. Maintain the global public goods attributes of the industrial and supply chains, and utilize international circulation to extend and stabilize the chains.

2. Build a regional industrial and supply chains system mainly based on domestic demand, and actively seek effective paths to break international blockades. 

3. Break through the blockages and bottlenecks in the domestic circulation, and strengthen the supply chains based on the unified national market. 

4. Accelerate the improvement of independent innovation capabilities, and build a collaborative innovation mechanism for the industrial and supply chains.