Hong Gongxiang: Anhui's Practice in Establishing a Modern Industrial System

Release time:2024-04-16Author: Hong Gongxiang

Since the new era, Anhui's socio-economic development has achieved new historic achievements. This article reports on how Anhui has undergone changes from the perspectives of strategic emerging industries, traditional industries, and future industries.

1. Anhui attaches great importance to the development of strategic emerging industries. It has taken a series of measures to strengthen, optimize, and expand existing strategic emerging industries.

2. Promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is an important lever to accelerate the promotion of new industrialization. The transformation of traditional industries through digitization, green transformation, and intelligent upgrading solves the problem of using what kind of technological level to carry out green production. Promoting the development of derived type of strategic emerging industries in traditional industries can enable enterprises to realize transformation and upgrading based on the product innovation. 

3. Any country or region has limited innovation resources. So, making good use of both domestic and international market resources, and vigorously introducing implanted strategic emerging industries, can accelerate the development of regional strategic emerging industries.

4. Industries are dynamically changing, and strategic emerging industries are constantly evolving. In order to seize the development opportunities, it is necessary to proactively select and cultivate industries that are expected to become strategic emerging industries from future industries.