Liu Zhibiao and Tong Wentao: Causes of Industrial Decline in Northeast China and Revitalization Countermeasures From the Perspective of Value Chain

Release time:2020-10-21Author: Liu Zhibiao,Tong Wentao

The "northeast phenomenon" characterized by the continuous decline of economic growth is not only a unique problem in China's economic take-off, but also a major practical problem that needs to be solved urgently in China's economic operation. From the practice of adjusting northeast economy in recent years, the failure of revitalization attempt is directly related to the failure to completely reveal the internal logic of economic recession in theory. The key to northeast economic revitalization lies in industrial revitalization. The report focuses on northeast industry and believes that the internal logic and policy measures to solve the Northeast problem may be hidden behind the changes of industrial value chain in Northeast China, which is an important perspective ignored in the study of northeast industrial recession.