Forerunners: Huawei and Shenzhen

Release time:2021-11-18Author: Jin Xinyi



The relationship between a company and a city has never been as special as the relationship between Huawei and Shenzhen. This book sorts out the process of Shenzhen's development from a fishing village to an important global city, focuses on the ups and downs of Huawei and Shenzhen for 40 years, and explores from a global perspective whether an industry and a city can take a new path that enables mutual achievement. Through in-depth research and using new materials, the author comprehensively combs the relationship between Huawei and Shenzhen, links the rise of Huawei with the development of Shenzhen, and looks forward to the future of an enterprise and a city in combination with the current Sniper War encountered by Huawei in the world. I believe that the analysis of this book will be very enlightening to other regions in China who are interested in building into a scientific and technological innovation city.