Development Economics in the New Era

Release time:2020-11-23Author: Hong Yinxing,Ren Baoping


Development Economics is a systematic economic theory aiming at the economic development of developing countries. The book Development Economics in the New Era expounds China's development economics entering the new era. It tells Chinese stories guided by China's development problems and theoretically explains the Chinese path of economic development. Its contents include the new era of economic development, people-centered development goals, socialist modernization and modern economic system, the quality and mode of economic development, the sustainability and green development of economic development, the expansion of domestic demand, the structural reform on the supply side, the innovation drive of economic development, the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and industrial modernization, agricultural modernization and new urbanization, regional economic development and coordination, financial sector serving the real economy, economic globalization and open economy, market-oriented promotion of economic development, and government promotion of economic development.

This book is suitable for the research and study of teachers, postgraduates and undergraduates in the field of development economics. At the same time, it is also suitable for the reading and learning of party and government cadres and enterprise managers in the actual economic work department.