China Import Development Report 2019

Release time:2020-11-04Author: Wei Hao


China's active expansion of imports is not blind and passive, but has a clear purpose and initiative. Expanding imports is not only to narrow the trade surplus, but also to serve the high-quality development of the domestic economy, meet the internal needs of domestic consumption upgrading and improve the international competitiveness of enterprises. This report aims to clarify the reality of China's import, tell the story of China's import, summarize China's import experience and give full play to China's import role, so as to serve Chinese consumers, Chinese enterprises and the world economy.

On the basis of searching and sorting out a large number of original data, the report makes a basic, systematic and comprehensive statistical analysis on the products in different exhibition areas, key imported products, key importing countries and new trade formats of the Import Expo through calculation and sorting. This report mainly includes three parts: theory, special topic and policy.