《Integration Development in the China Yangtze River Delta》

发布时间:2023-11-28来源:Taylor & Francis作者:刘志彪、徐宁、孔令池

本书是刘志彪、徐宁、孔令池等著的《长三角高质量一体化发展研究》一书被英国泰勒弗朗西斯出版社(Taylor & Francis)翻译成英文版出版。简介如下:

This book systematically investigates the strategic significance and dynamic mechanisms present in the development of the Yangtze River Delta cluster, one of the major drivers of economic growth in China.The Yangtze River Delta is the most densely populated region in China, with the highest level of economic development. Against the background of China’s national strategy that aims to bolster and augment integrated development on the regional level, this study reviews the development process of the region and possible hindrances to further growth. From a wide array of dimensions, it assesses the key influencing factors, including institutional construction, governance mechanisms, spatial layout, government and corporate competition, the market environment, industrial linkages and synergies, collaborative innovation, public service, and social networks. Based on theoretical analysis and empirical studies, the book advances policy suggestions that help to solve the challenges for integrated development in the region.The volume will benefit scholars and students, as well as investors, business observers, and policy makers interested in the Chinese economy, regional economics, industrial economics, and economic geography.