Reasons Why the Number of Listed Companies in Suzhou Ranks First Among Prefecture-Level Cities

Release time:2022-09-14Author: Yangtze IDEI

As of August 2022, among the 233 companies listed at home and abroad in Suzhou, there are 190 domestic A-share listed companies, ranking fifth in the country and first in the prefecture-level city. Among them, there are 46 companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, ranking third in the country. The total market value of A-share listed companies in Suzhou is about 1.8 trillion yuan, ranking seventh in the country.

Among them, nearly half of the listed companies have been listed in the past three years which are full of potential. The Suzhou Research Center of Yangtze IDEI organized scholars, officials and entrepreneurs to discuss the phenomenon that Suzhou ranks first among prefecture-level cities in terms of the number of listed companies:

Question 1: What is the significance of urban incubation and spawning of listed companies for industrial chain collaboration?

Question 2: What kind of environment does the city government need to create?

The following is the transcript: